Self love kit with Rose quartz yoni egg
  • This self love kit contains
     ~1 x medium drilled Rose Quartz Yoni egg with string
    ~ 1 x 14cm beeswax pillar candle with propolis
    ~ 1 x 100ml jar of dried organic flower petals for your bath or ritual
    ~ 1 x 50ml jar of Breast Love salve 
    ~ 1 x quartz point 
    Whether for you or a loved one, taking time out for self care and reconnecting with oneself should be a non negotiable. Unfortunately in busy lives this can be so hard to fit in. 
    Using your Yoni egg and breast love salve daily is making a commitment to yourself to take even 15 minutes aside to remember who you are under all the masks and stories.

    Self love kit with Rose quartz yoni egg