Hoop Drum  (made to order)
  • This hoop drum has been hand crafted from goat skin and maple wood. Woven together by hand, while surrounded by the bees and many smoked herbs.


    39cm/ 15inch in diameter

    A rub consisting of many infused healing herbs has been rubbed into the timber frame, imbibing a sacred vibration into the wood to help you drum out whatever you need to release.

    When your drum comes home to you please make an offering to the tree and the animal who are now under your protection.

    Sit with your drum in a quiet place, as it is an entity for you to work with and feel into your new space together.

    You can use your hand or a stick to play your drum.

    Take a walk in nature and find a stick that calls out to you, sand it over and seal with a rub made with oil and beeswax. If you need help crafting your beater please contact me for some ideas.

    Hoop drums are made to order so please allow 2 weeks for me to weave it together.

    Hoop Drum (made to order)