Hand dipped unity candles (United pair)

This unity candle is hand dipped with the intention of peace. Made from the most amazing pure beeswax using natural and solar methods to render.

Two candles melted together as a reminder that separation is only a myth and you are connected to everyone and thing around you.

Each unity candle comes with some home grown white sage, a pack of matches and a small hand dipped candle that has been lit with THE WORLD PEACE FLAME.

“The flames were lit by royalty, indigenous elders, eminent peacemakers. Flown across the oceans by military airforces.

You are invited to take a candle which has been lit from the world peace flame, to light once a day, for just a few moments and think of peace. Visualise it going out, to your family, friends, and globally to the whole world.

It is our wish that you pass this flame to as many people as you can to make the transition to the new millennium a a celebration of optimism and joy”

Hand dipped unity candles (United pair)