Breast Love Salve 100ml
  • This balm can be used for a self care daily practice bringing warmth to your heart space, for self pleasure when you want to touch your breasts in a way that is truely loving, connecting you to their divine power. It can also be used for helping lymphatic flow and returning softness to your skin.


    Warm your hands with a small amount of breast balm and rub together whilst holding them to your heart and setting an intention. Remind yourself that you are a beautiful spark inside a human body, then treat your breast as you would something you have so much love and respect for.


    Your breasts are perfect, they serve you for your highest potential. Daily breast massage can help shed away any old stories you may have had about your breasts. Maybe you wanted to shrink them away to hide attention, or wanted them to be bigger, or that they no longer have purpose since ending breastfeeding, maybe you felt they only could serve others. There are so many stories we have told ourselves. These are just stories and you can make new ones. Once you have new stories you may find that your breasts react accordingly.



    Organic Almond oil and organic coconut oil solar infused with rose, dandelion and calendula and violet petals and leaves, propolis with a hint of rose, frankincense and lavender oil.


    This breast Love Salve is suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women .

    Dandelion and violet infused oil is wonderful for your lymph and helps with mastitis, clogged ducts, cysts to maintain great breast health.


    Please patch test on inner elbow before applying in case of skin sensitivities.

    Breast Love Salve 100ml

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