Bee-Witched Hive Smoker Blend
  • Bee-witched hive smoker blend is for those seeking to gain a deeper connection with the bees through dreaming and meditative state.
    Simply add a handful of this blend to the fuel you already use in your hive smoker. Smoke around the hive and yourself and become still and quiet to allow the bees wisdom to come forth. 
    You can simply burn this blend near the hive while you sit and watch them without opening, forging a closer spiritual connection with the hives you care for.
    Blue lotus flower and mugwort both enhance the dream and trance state aiding in that stillness and knowledge recollection.  
    Mugwort has been used for contraception so please consider this if you are pregnant or trying to conceive.  Mugwort is a very powerful herb.
    Wax and propolis residue
    Gum rosin (dried pine resin)
    White sage
    Blue lotus flower
    Dragonsblood resin

    Bee-Witched Hive Smoker Blend