Bee Calm Smoker Herb Blend
  • Add a small handful to the fuel in your hive smoker to help calm the nervous system and maintain a relaxed state while working with the bees. Gently Smoke yourself and the bees before you begin. 
    A blend of calming herbs designed to help relax the bees and steward during inspections.  In ancient shamanic beekeeping practises a wide variety of herbs, propolis, resins and fungi were added to the smoker to allow the bees and steward to hear each other and transmute wisdom. 
    Modern day beekeeping mimics ancient practises without many even realising it :
     Beekeepers wear a white outfit, burn herbs and resin and approach a hive to often find themselves in a meditative state and wonder where time and space went. (Bit like ritual and ceremony.)
    This blend contains:
    Wax and propolis residue (slum gum)
    Gum rosin (dried pine tree resin)
    Lemon balm
    All grown (except hops) and packed with intention and love by me from the gifts of my bees and garden

    Bee Calm Smoker Herb Blend