I am a first generation bee steward. Caring for the bees has helped me connect to nature, myself and my beliefs in so many different ways so I am forever growing.

Something profound happens when you sit quietly beside a bee hive. It is a basic way of connecting to your surroundings and a feeling of wholeness. Bees have a been a source of sacred healing for thousands of years, and it is time to go back and remember what we have forgotten. Bees are wild and free and despite human intervention they can never really be 'kept'. But if you respect them and love them they may share their wisdom with you.

Pure Beeing is a place to share bee-centric knowledge and intuitive bee stewardship alongside beeswax and empowerment products to help every being step into their power and freedom. As it is their birthright. 




Intuitive bee stewardship is exactly what it sounds like.


Looking after the bees in your care with respect and reverence. Treating bee hives as a holy place. Knowing your hives and trusting your guts when it comes to intervention and management.


Over the past few years I have found that none of the hives I care for have 'done their thing' by the book.  I've tossed out the book and started really listening and tuning into my bee hives. Learning to trust yourself is the most important aspect in making decisions because your guts are never wrong. All the mistakes I've made have come from second guessing myself and not having boundaries.


Working with honeybees has been an exploration into truly knowing myself and the journey is still continuing . Take the ride with me.